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General Information:

This agreement is hereinafter referred to either as the "Agreement and Disclaimer" or simply as the "Agreement".

Babe Ruth League, Inc., Oregon Babe Ruth Leagues, Inc., North Oregon Babe Ruth or any of their agents, officers, employees, directors, staff or other personnel are hereinafter referred to collectively as "Babe Ruth" in this Agreement (and throughout the website and its related pages) unless the context requires otherwise. Included in this definition is Brent L. Kimble and Big B Creations, the creator and Webmaster of this website. The terms "site user', "user", "person", "people", "he", "she" and similar terms are synonymous unless the context requires otherwise.

Without prior notice, we reserve the right to modify any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and site user is bound by the terms and conditions contained in the Agreement that exist(s) at the particular time he/she enters into our website and related pages. Any such change or modification is effective immediately upon the posting of the same to the website.

Site user agrees to read and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement then and there existing each time he/she enters this website. Agreement to the terms and conditions of this Agreement is a condition precedent to entry into this website and for the use of any of its many features. Site user agrees to immediately exit from this website in the event he/she refuses to agree to the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.

By further entry or navigation of our website and/or using or taking advantage of any of its features (including any viewing or collecting of information and any downloads), user agrees to each and every term and condition contained or referenced in this Agreement.

Continuing access to the website and its many features and the granting of the below-described limited license is conditioned upon user's continued ongoing agreement to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and any terms and conditions set out within the pages of this website. At such time as user refuses to abide by or to otherwise comply with such terms and conditions, permission to remain on this site (or to use its many features) and such limited license as which might have been granted to user is immediately revoked and user must immediately exit this website and related pages.

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This website values and respects the privacy of its users. Other than e-mail address and information contained in e-mail sent to us or otherwise affirmatively given to us or posted on the website by site users, we do not maintain any personally identifiable information (unique only to that user) that is collected by or as a result of a user's use of our website. We will not sell or otherwise distribute any or the aforesaid website generated information to most third parties except that we reserve the right to utilize such e-mail lists and e-mail content in manners appropriate to the Don't Click Me!!!maintenance and furtherance of the Babe Ruth program. Such uses include, but are not limited to: 1)the use of such information to compile or update our directories, 2) the dissemination of such information on-line, in printed form or verbally to persons we reasonably believe might require or desire such information in the furtherance of the Babe Ruth program, or, 3) otherwise providing such information to third parties in the furtherance of such objectives.

This website contains links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices (or lack thereof) of such other sites. BEFORE utilizing any of the features of such websites, we strongly encourage users of our site to check out and be aware of the Privacy Policies and Practices (or lack thereof) of such other websites, particularly those websites which might collect personally identifiable information (via "cookies", on-site registration, or otherwise).

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Bulletin Board Use:

Within our website are two bulletin boards, each designed for a specific purpose. It is against the policies of this website for ANY derogatory, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, threatening, invasions of privacy, libelous or slanderous statements or materials to be posted on either bulletin board or elsewhere on this site.

The information or opinions expressed by users on our bulletin boards are not those of Babe Ruth; we merely provide the Internet services by which third parties are able to post information.

Use of either bulletin (message) board is subject to the terms, policies and conditions listed on such bulletin board page(s) or elsewhere on the site and also to the terms, policies and conditions of this Agreement and Disclaimer and agreement by user to each of the aforesaid is a condition precedent for access and use of such bulletin board(s). Unless PRIOR written exception is granted, each bulletin board is to be used only for NONCOMMERCIAL baseball (or softball) related matters and is to be utilized strictly in accordance with the defined use for each said bulletin board. Commercial companies (and their representatives) may not use either message board to "pitch" their products (pun intended).

Site user agrees not to put any private or confidential messages on any of the site's bulletin boards/message boards. Such boards are designed and intended as PUBLIC boards and all messages can be read by or disseminated by any third person with the inclination to do so.

In order to avoid clutter and to enforce the above bulletin board use policies, we reserve the right to periodically go in and "erase" all "stale" messages or messages past a certain arbitrary date or any "non-conforming use" messages. We also reserve the right to remove any message or ad (on either bulletin board or otherwise) which in our sole and absolute discretion and/or judgment: 1) abuses the purpose of such bulletin board(s), or 2) otherwise violates any of the aforesaid policies for use of the board(s), or 3) is patently offensive, or 4) for any or no stated reason.

Finally, while we reserve the right to remove any material from our website, we do not undertake to review or monitor such discussions or content and we make no affirmative representations in this regard.

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Proprietary Nature of the Information:

With the exception of: 1) the links to other sites, and, 2) the materials and information that may be contained on such linked sites, and 3) any shareware, freeware or other software programs contained on this website to any of the aforesaid linked sites, all other information contained on this site is proprietary in nature to the Babe Ruth program and a limited license is hereby granted for access to this site and the below-described permitted use(s) of the proprietary materials. Such limited license does not confer any ownership rights in the licensed material(s) or information onto user. In this regard, without exception or limitation, the "Babe Ruth League" logos, the "Cal Ripken" logos, the "Babe Ruth Baseball" logos, the Babe Ruth Softball" logos and the "Babe Ruth" and "Cal Ripken" forms and documentation used throughout this site are each "Copyright Babe Ruth League, Inc."; Babe Ruth Leagues, Inc. owns all copyright and trademark rights to each and all of the foregoing.

The links to other sites, the materials and information that may be contained on such linked sites and any software program(s) that may be contained on our website or on each and every one of the aforesaid linked sites, is (or may be) proprietary in nature to that particular site or other third parties and user is cautioned to make certain that any such materials or information is used in a manner or form acceptable to the owner of such site(s), material(s) and information.

This website and all Babe Ruth's proprietary content contained thereon or accessed there through is designed for the exclusive use of people interested in or participating in the Babe Ruth program. This limited license allows for the viewing, downloading and use of the proprietary information only by those persons, groups or organizations interested in promoting or participating in a Babe Ruth sponsored program and said proprietary materials and information may not be used for any other purpose without the express written consent of the State Commissioner of North Oregon Babe Ruth or Babe Ruth League, Inc. Such prohibited uses include, but are not necessarily limited to: any commercialization or selling of any proprietary information and/or proprietary documentation contained on this site or the use of the said proprietary information and/or proprietary documentation in any manner deleterious to the Babe Ruth program.

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Disclaimer (Warranty and Otherwise):

The services, products, and materials provided on this website or through this website, including bulletin board content, downloading of any form, documentation, information, software program or other material from or through this website and/or any use thereof is on an "as is" basis and Babe Ruth expressly disclaims any and all warranties of any kind, express or implied, including without limitation any warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose with respect to any of the materials, information or products accessed on or through our website In no event shall Babe Ruth be liable of any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages, lost profits or lost sales of any kind whatsoever with respect to the service, information, products or materials. Any materials downloaded from or through our website is downloaded at downloader's and end-user's own risk. Babe Ruth makes no warranty that such material(s) is safe to download and free of any defects(s) including being free from any virus, "bug", "worm" "trojan horse" or that the material is compatible with any particular computer system of that the material is error free or that the material will not cause damage to a person's computer system, operating system, hardware or files. You may have other rights which may vary from state to state or jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of any implied warranties or limitations on how long an implied warranty may last, so the above limitations on implied warranties may not apply to you.

Additionally, Babe Ruth does not represent or endorse the quality, accuracy or reliability of any of the information, content or programs contained on, or distributed through, or linked to, or downloaded or accessed from our website or any of the links contained therein or thereon. Babe Ruth encourages you to use discretion when browsing the Internet; our hotlinks may direct you to sites that contain materials that some people might find offensive, inappropriate or otherwise objectionable. We make no representations concerning any effort on our part to review such linked sites for general purpose suitability nor are we responsible for the accuracy, copyright compliance, legality or decency of any material contained on such linked sites; user enters such linked sites at his/her own risk and makes such determinations himself/herself.

The information contained in this site is presented for the purpose of education and assisting participants in the coaching and other activities related to the sports of baseball and softball. All of these activities involved risk and no activity (including, but not limited to, any instructional activity) should be engaged in without the prior consent of a physician. Babe Ruth makes no claims on the appropriateness or safety of any information found on this site or on linked sites. User should take appropriate steps and make appropriate inquiry before engaging in or utilizing any activity discussed on or through this website.

All information on any bulletin board(s) or mentioned elsewhere on or through our site should be relied upon by you at your own risk. Babe Ruth makes no representations or warranties that any such data is correct or accurate

Your sole remedy for dissatisfaction with the site, site content or site features is to stop using the site or the site-related content and features.

At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to withdraw, suspend or discontinue any features or functionality in or of this site.

This agreement shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state of Oregon as it is applied to agreements entered into and performed within the said state. Any action of suit brought shall be brought only in either the federal courts located in Portland, Oregon, USA and all parties consent to the jurisdiction and venue of said courts. If any provision of this agreement shall be deemed unlawful, void or otherwise unenforceable, such provision(s) shall be deemed severable from this agreement and the remainder of the agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

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